About Strategic Enterprise Solutions

Founded in June 2007, SES is an 8(a) Small Disadvantaged Business (SBD) with aircraft modification expertise and experience developed while working on numerous programs performing engineering, technical, management, and logistics services in the high demand, low density world of US Special Operations.  SES engineering services experience includes:(a) systems design, integration, trial install, kit proofing, testing, and production support; (b) generation of engineering drawings and technical documents, and development of technical data, etc.; and (c) performing analysis for Technical Engineering Reports, including Systems Safety, Weight and Balance, Stress Analysis, Antenna Analysis, and Electrical Load Analysis.  SES’ experience, capabilities, and size offer a unique blend of quick responsiveness and knowledgeable personnel to ensure they meet the customer’s needs.

Our Mission Statement

SES is a corporation of gifted and talented professionals dedicated to providing our customers world class management consulting and professional services utilizing a workforce grounded in integrity, commitment, innovation, and quality. In addition to its high quality consulting business area, SES offer its clients a reliable alternative to supplement and/or as an extension to in-house resources by providing access to professional expertise not available in-house. As a true alternative to in-house resources, SES offers a very high level of practical experience, know how, contacts, and confidentiality. SES  operates upon four cardinal principles, which under pin the entire enterprise and are the basis of our reason for existence, as we seek business opportunities.

Core Values

The four cardinal principles upon which Strategic Enterprise Solutions is based are as follows:

(1) To develop - a culture that is both employee an customer friendly. 

(2) To foster - an environment of professionalism, high standards, and ethical behavior where every employee has an opportunity to achieve growth and opportunity. 

(3) To recruit and retain - highly skilled people of unparalleled integrity, ingenuity, experience, and fortitude who work collaboratively with one another and with our customers.

(4) To deliver - world class management consulting and professional services on or ahead of schedule while meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

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