Education and Training Services

Strategic Enterprise Solutions Corporation works with organizations to build more focused leadership and management, better functioning team, improve communication, enhance decision making and create more effective interactions with key stakeholders. Human Capital has long been misunderstood relative to its importance to organizational success. Enterprises are created, established, sustained and maintained by people. Therefore, without properly educated and trained personnel, the strength of the enterprise is weakened; it is less efficient, less effective and in many cases, doomed to failure. 

SES’s Ph.D. led education and training team consults on the individual, group, wing, department and organizational levels, depending on enterprise needs.  We approach each assignment individually from an industry or government specific perspective. We work closely with our clients to determine the specific needs of the enterprise, and collaboratively plan, design, develop, and implement learning strategies which are evaluated and measured from class beginning to the end. Samples of the education and training services provided by SES are listed below. 

Mentor Training
Speech Communication
Public Speaking
Assertiveness for Managers
Ethics Education
Diversity Training
Conflict Management
Testing Services
Executive Writing Skills
Talent Management
Leadership Development
Team building
Group Management & Effectiveness
Course Development
Creating Positive Work Environments
Test Preparation Services

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